Demo 2016

by Atonement

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Recorded and Mixed by Will Hirst at The Brock Closet


released February 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Atonement Connecticut

Jeremy - Vocals
Steve - Guitar
TJ - Guitar
Zach - Bass
Snooka - Drums

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Track Name: Forced Hand
badge of fiction
fucking fake
live your lie
to the fucking grave
what you abuse
your greed will fucking take you

no protection on
this fucking land
take my rights
i know where i fucking stand

i don't comply to cowards
liars and fakes
your protection don't mean shit
fucking mistake

the actions
you hand out
this is why
your sacrifices don't mean shit
to society you breed your
fucking sin

get lost
Track Name: Spoonfed
choke on your life
socially blind
to the bullshit
you spread time after time
not a single word
can save you now
privilege waste
addict clown

run from your life
live in the past
this town will take you
hold at last

no accomplishment
absolute zero
fucking spoonfed bitch
where are you now
not responsible
time has come
to take you hold

i see through that bullshit town, soul, you fucking regret
i see through that bullshit town, soul, you privileged piece of shit

rest in piss
fuck your sins

years of talk
but in the same town
never grew up
never to belong

you always seem to
fuck it up
Track Name: Burden (feat. Anthony DiDio of Vein)
tell myself a lie
just to get ahead
mentally suffocated
physically oppressed
waste of life
the mirror is true
but my brain thinks its limitless

i'll drown in my consequence
all the time I threw out the idea
just to live another day
being the burden
never to cease

there's no reason no run now
there's nowhere to hide
not even a solid thought
lives inside
no where left
for me to go
burden head
has no fucking hope

It's just me all by myself
No reason to run
No need for your help
Take out my consciousness
Empty the shell
No love
No thoughts
No burden
No worry
Nothing left to keep the mind awake
A paradise from the burden of humanity